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Comparative assessment of quality of life of patients with schizophrenia attending a community psychiatric centre and a psychiatric hospital

Victoria I. Elegbede, Adetunji Obadeji, Timothy O. Adebowale, Lateef O. Oluwole


Background: Over the past few decades, there has been an emphasis on the de-institutionalisation of psychiatric care with a focus on community care. With Quality of Life (QoL) as an outcome measure, this study compared the QoL of patients with schizophrenia attending a psychiatric hospital and a community psychiatric centre.

Design: This was a cross-sectional study in two psychiatric facilities

Methods: Data were obtained through a socio-demographic and clinical questionnaire; the QoL was assessed with the WHOQOL-BREF and patient satisfaction with care with CPOSS. Total and domain scores of WHOQOL-BREF for each group were calculated and compared with each other and other group characteristics. Diagnosis of schizophrenia was based on ICD-10.

Results: Participants from the two centres did not differ significantly on any of the socio-demographic characteristics measured. Similarly, there was no significant difference in their overall mean WHOQOL-BREF scores as well as the mean WHOQOL-BREF of domain scores. However, the married and females from both centres significantly had higher mean WHOQOL-BREF scores than their male counterparts. Patients in remission for more than two years or those on a single type of medication (either oral or depot preparation) from both centres significantly had higher mean WHOQOL-BREF score compared with those who had less than two years of remission or on both oral and depot preparations.

Conclusion: Overall QoL of patients managed at the two centres was comparable, with similar socio-demographic as well as clinical variables influencing QoL. This suggests that patients with schizophrenia can be well managed at community psychiatric centres.

Keywords: schizophrenia, quality of life, community psychiatric care, psychiatric hospital, patient satisfaction, treatment outcomes

Funding: None declared


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