Patient preferences and expectation for feedback on adverse drug reaction reports submitted in Ghana

  • George Tsey Sabblah
  • Delese Darko
  • Linda Härmark
  • Eugène van Puijenbroek
Keywords: Adverse drug reaction, expectation, feedback, patient, preference, spontaneous reporting


Background: Personalized feedback received for spontaneous adverse drug reaction (ADR) reports serves as motivation for future reporting and the effectiveness of the feedback is dependent on the medium used in delivering the information.

Objective: Explore expectation for feedback from patients on ADR reports submitted to the National Pharmacovigilance Centre (NPvC) in Ghana and the preferred medium for receiving the feedback information.
Methods: Cross-sectional study using structured questionnaire administered through face-to-face interview from August to September 2016 to patients selected by convenience sampling. Pearson chi-square (Χ2) or Fisher's exact test was used to determine associations between background variables such as age, gender and level of education.

Results: The response rate was 86.7% (n=442). Of the participants interviewed, 96.5% expected to receive feedback for ADR reports submitted. Age and level of education were the two variables significantly associated with patients’ expectation for feedback.
The preferred medium for receiving feedback in decreasing order of preference were, telephone call (60.4%), mobile phone short messaging services (23.0%), email (8.3%), face-to-face meeting (3.4%), personalized letter (3.4%) and publication in a newsletter (1.4%).

Conclusion: Patients’ expectation for receiving feedback for ADR reports submitted to the NPvC is in line with modern trends in communication. NPvC should explore these alternatives for providing feedback to patients. This study is limited to what patients’ expectations and preferences were for receiving feedback on ADR reports submitted,
additional study to further explore the type of information patients expect to be contained in the feedback will be useful to National Pharmacovigilance Centres.

Keywords: Adverse drug reaction, expectation, feedback, patient, preference, spontaneous reporting

Funding: None declared


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print ISSN: 0016-9560