Oral health-related quality of life: acrylic versus flexible partial dentures

  • Clara A. Akinyamoju
  • Oluwole O. Dosumu
  • Juliana O. Taiwo
  • Tunde J Ogunrinde
  • Akindayo O. Akinyamoju
Keywords: OHIP-14, Removable partial dentures, Quality of Life, acrylic dentures, flexible dentures


Background: Teeth lost are usually replaced by all-acrylic removable partial dentures (RPD) because of its affordability and ease of fabrication. The all-acrylic RPD is said to cause significant periodontal injury and consequently affect the oral health related quality of life (OHRQoL) of denture wearers.

Objective: To determine and compare OHRQoL of all-acrylic and flexible RPD wearers at baseline and after use of dentures.

Design and setting: Study was quasi-experimental using a cross-over design, involving 30 patients with Kennedy class IV and anterior class III arches. Patient recruitment and review were done over an eight-month period in the Prosthetic Unit of a tertiary health facility. OHRQoL was assessed with the oral health impact profile-14 questionnaire. Data were analysed using descriptive and multivariate analysis at asignificant level of p <.05.

Results: Mean age of patients was 33.8 ±10.0 years; at baseline, patient reported occasionally, fairly often or very often for 11(78.6%) OHIP items. However, after using the acrylic and flexible partial dentures, 11(36.6%) patients reported having trouble pronouncing words and 9(30.0%) found it uncomfortable to eat respectively. At baseline,
there was a difference in mean OHIP scores with age (p=.02); scores reduced from 12.4 ± 9.8 to 4.8±5.3 (CI= 3.3–12.0, p=.001) after using the all-acrylic denture and 3.8±5.6 (CI= 4.3–13.0, p<.001) with the flexible denture.

Conclusion: There was improvement in the OHRQoL of patients with use of flexible partial dentures. Therefore, thermoplastic materials are possible alternative RPD base materials in patient management.

Keywords: OHIP-14, Removable partial dentures, Quality of Life, acrylic dentures, flexible dentures

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