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Case studies on the homeopathic treatment of binge eating in adult males

Radmila Razlog, Janice Pellow, Reshma Patel, Marelize Caminsky, Hertzog Johannes van Heerden


Background: Homeopathy seeks to treat holistically. The role of homeopathy for treating binge eating however remains poorly explored.

Objective: To determine the efficacy of individualized homeopathic treatment on binge eating.

Method: This was a nine-week pilot study using a case study design. Individualized homeopathic remedies were prescribed to each participant for six weeks and case analysis evaluated changes over time.

Results: All participants reported a decrease in the severity and frequency of binging behaviour; concurrent improvements in general health were also noted.

Conclusion: This pilot study shows the potential benefits of individualized homeopathic treatment in binge eating in males.

Keywords: Homeopathy, Binge eating, Case studies
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