Growth Performance, Haematological Indices and Cost Benefits of Growing Pigs Fed Cassava Peel Meal Diets Supplemented With Allzyme® SSF

  • O. T Irekhore
  • O. M Adeyemi
  • O.M.O Idowu
  • O.S. Akinola
  • K.O Bello
Keywords: Cassava Peel Meal, Growth Performance, Growing Pigs, Allzyme® SSF, Haematological Indices and Cost Benefits


Effect of replacing dietary maize with cassava peel meal (CPM) supplemented with Allzyme® SSF (SSF) on the growth performance, haematological indices and cost benefits of growing pigs was investigated. Chemical composition of CPM and diets used were determined using standard procedures. Twenty-four growing pigs with average weight of 14.0+0.25kg were allotted to 6 dietary treatments whereby CPM replaced maize at 0, 50 and 100% levels with SSF supplementation at 0g/100kg and 20g/100kg of diet. Each treatment was replicated 4 times while the experiment lasted 8 weeks. Data were collected on daily feed intake (DFI), daily weight gain (DWG) and feed conversion ratio (FCR); feed cost/weight gain and feed cost/day were calculated. Blood samples collected through jugular vein puncture were analyzed for haematological indices such as white blood cells (WBC), red blood cell and platelet count. The CPM diets with or without SSF gave comparable (P>0.05) pigs’ growth performance to what was obtained for pigs on the maize based diets in terms of DFI (1.26 – 1.33kg), DWG (0.32 – 0.40kg) and FCR (3.13 – 4.03). Values for WBC were within normal range, though they had significant (p<0.05) variations. Other haematological parameters were not influenced (p>0.05) by CPM inclusion. Feed cost/kg diet (N54.11 – N74.39) and feed cost/weight gain (N195.33 – N244.65) reduced insignificantly (P>0.05) with CPM inclusion in the diets of pigs. It was concluded that cassava peel meal can totally replace maize with or without enzyme supplementation in the diets of growing pigs for optimal performance at reduced cost.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0331-5428