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Nutritional Evaluation of Yam Peel Meal for Pullet Chickens: 1. Effect of Feeding Varying Levels on Performance from Day- Old to Point-of-Lay

EV Ezieshi, OE Uwadia, FO Ayonote, JO Olomu


Studies were conducted to determine the effect of replacing 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% dietary maize with yam peel meal (YPM) on performance characteristics of pullet starter and grower chicks. Consequently, five experimental diets were fed to 150 Anak pullet chicks from day-old to point-of-lay to cover the starter phase (1 to 9 weeks of age) and the grower phase (10 to 20 weeks of age). The results of the pullet starter trial indicated that final body weights (g/bird) were in the order of 479.2, 404.8, 469.2, 442.5 and 350.0 for 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% respectively. Feed intake values (g/bird) were in the order of 3184, 3281, 2953, 3235 and 3251. Feed cost per bird (N) resulted in values of 215.3, 197.3, 155.4, 146.0 and 122.3. Average daily water intake values (ml/bird/day) were 72.6, 75.0, 69.0, 71.2 and 71.9. Similarly, the results of the trial with pullet growers indicated final body weights (g/bird) of 1336, 1260, 1255, 1260
and 883. Total feed intake (g/bird) resulted in values of 4728, 4964, 4334, 4038 and 3936. Feed cost per bird (N) decreased linearly with increasing levels of dietary YPM and resulted in values of 279.55, 261.50, 200.37, 160.63 and 131.17. Average daily water intake (ml/bird/day) was in the order of 180.6, 172.2, 191.0, 231.9 and 218.0. From the results of the studies it can be concluded that YPM can substitute up to 75% of maize in the diets of pullet starter and grower chicks without adverse effects on performance and at reduced cost of production.

Keywords: Nutritional evaluation, yam peel meal, pullet, performance.

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