Preparation of Dye Using Selected Local Materials

  • LO Alamu
  • AT Ajibola
Keywords: Calico fabrics, Dyestuffs, Muslin cloth, Dye extraction


Many plant species in Ogbomoso area of Oyo Stale. Nigeria produce juice that can permanently stick to clothing materials. A few of such plants were selected, namely Kola nitida. Cmelina arhorca. Prosopis africana. Tcctona grandis. Pteleopsis habeensis. Khaya scnegalensis. Azanza garkeana and
Lamea liumilis. Juice from these plants were extracted and found to be useful dye agents for fabrics such as calico. Dyeing with Pteleopsis habeensis produced a peach-coloured fabric; Khaya scnegalensis gave a pinecoloured
fabric while a combination of the juices of Pteleopsis habeensis and Kola nitida gave an Ivorycoloured fabric. These locally available dyes, if improved upon would be a basis for the development of a dye-producing industry, small or large scale that may also assist in alleviating poverty in Nigeria.

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print ISSN: 0331-5428