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Teaching and learning of French: Imperative for educational opportunities, national development and transformation

John Igbah Abah


This paper seeks to reflect on the importance of French Language Teaching and Learning as a veritable tool for educational opportunities, transformation and national development. Undoubtedly, Nigeria‘s position in the world geography makes French language acquisition imperative for her population. It is no news that Nigeria is surrounded by French speaking countries. Nigeria is bounded in the East by Cameroon republic, in the West by the Benin republic, in the North it is bounded by Niger and Chad republics respectively and of course, in the South by the Atlantic Ocean. Apart from the geographical location of Nigeria, French language ranks the second international language taught in the world. It is the second official language of international organizations such as United Nations Organization (UNO), European Union (EU), African Union (AU), and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which Abuja houses the headquarters. The knowledge of French not only offers educational opportunities but also offers international exposure especially that the world is becoming a global village. French language is very important in every field of human endeavour, be it commerce, science, technology, culture, diplomacy and so on.

Keywords: Language, Quality of Education, Language Education, French Language Education

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