Documentation of Endangered Language Via ICT: An Assessment of the “Owerri/Igbo” Language

  • QU Njemanze


Documentation of a language portrays the beauty and richness of that language. It safeguards our values and experiences, our stories and artifacts and encourages continuity. The world is dynamic, it is going global; the introduction of the information communication Technology (ICT) into the Nigerian System is a new trend that is eating deep into the fabrics of our nation. With this trend there is the possibility of many Nigerian indigenous languages going into extinction faster than expected. This paper thus, becomes a priority, to change the continued indigenous language shift and to encourage linguistic preservation through saving and documenting the “Owerri” Igbo language. The study therefore, X-rays the potential benefits of using information communication in the promotion and documentation of endangered language, and proffers some suggestions on its actualization. Key Words: Documentation, language endangerment, ICT

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eISSN: 2734-3316
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