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Impact of project funding on the implementation of LEEMP development projects: a situational study

II Echeme


Project success depends on good planning and implementation strategy. The implementation process could make a project succeed, fail or even abandoned midstream. Information gathered from LEEMP in Imo State indicates that out of the 258 development projects embarked upon by LEEMP, only 24.4% have been completed while 75.6% are at their various completion stages after committing a lot of resources to them. Many factors have been identified as problems faced during development project implementation. They include Project Funding (X1) and Community Sensitization / Support (X2). Fifteen (15) respondents assessed the influence of these independent variables on the success level of project implementation of LEEMP development projects (Y). The students’ t- test was used to analyze the data collected which showed calculated values of 5.39 for X1 and 6.12 for X2 showing their significance on the success level of project implementation of LEEMP. The t- test was also used to analyze the effects of LEEMP and community contributions on LEEMP project delivery. The results also reflect their significance on
successful project implementation. In view of these findings, the study recommends improved funding by encouraging the benefiting communities to pay their counterpart funds promptly. LEEMP should intensify community sensitization and seek their support and participation through the Community Driven Development (CDD) approach.

Key words: Project, implementation, Counterpart funds, Development, community – driven approach.

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