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Sustainable Management of Natural Resources for Socio-Economic Development of Imo State of Nigeria

N Pat Duru
N Christian Chibo


This paper studies sustainable management of natural resources for socio economic development in Imo state. This it does with the aim to determine the extent to which the exploration and exploitation of natural resources has affected the ecological and environmental conditions of the area. The research also tends to determine various natural resources and their locations in Imo State while 200 copies of questionnaire were distributed in three local government areas of the state used for the pilot survey, 96.33 percent or 289 copies of questionnaire were retrieved and used for the study. Both primary and secondary data were used for the study. Questionnaires were administered through sampling. Data collected were presented using frequency tables and percentages. The research identified various resources, their locations in Imo State, various environmental/ecological problems associated with natural resources exploitation in the state and various socioeconomic effects which the location of natural resources has on host communities. Finally, the research concluded by giving recommendations which include harnessing the resources in a manner that is sustainable and which will not destroy the environment.

Keywords: Natural Resources, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Imo State

International Journal of Development and Management Review (INJODEMAR) Vol. 7 June, 2012