Measurement of Delay Factors in Container Ports of a Developing Economy: A study of Lagos Container Terminal, Nigeria

  • GC Emeghara


This paper focuses on measuring the influence of delay causative variables /factors on the turnaround time of ships in a container terminal in Lagos, Nigeria using the respondents’ perceptions as a tool of data collection of the research. The rankings of the respondents relative to each of the causative factors were cumulated and termed the independent variables (X1 – X10), while the average turnaround time of ships represents the dependent variable (γ). Using multi- regression model, the Beta coefficient of the various delay causative factors was calculated to determine the weight of each of the factors on the delay value observed. This led to the identification of critical factors relative to delay at the port. The most significant output of the study is the modeling of the relationship existing between the dependent variable (γ), the turnaround time of ships at the port and the independent variables (delay causative factors X1 – X10). The output model serves as a predictive tool to forecast delay in the port. The study identified variables X5, X6, X8, X7 as critical factors relative to delays in the port. The study suggests that the number of government agencies present at the port be reduced to almost three to tackle the problem of corruption. Also there is the need to establish inland container depots and cargo stations outside the port premises in the hinterland of the port to discourage the handling of cargo and container documentations inside the port.

Keywords: Turnaround time of ships, Delay, Causative delay factors, Cumulative, Rankings Multi-regression analysis, Perception

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GC Emeghara
Department of Maritime Management Technology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri

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eISSN: 2734-3316
print ISSN: 1597-9482