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Smart earphone: Controlling tasks by earphone in smart phone by gesture of the user

Ankur Jain, Prabhakar Tiwari, Amit Agrawal


Earphones are widely used to listen to audible sound. Various researches to improve sound quality are in process like noise reduction etc. But in this invention earphone has capacitive touch sensors which can detect the skin of the user, and from the various combinations of output coming out of the sensors many task can be operated in the host device. Authors propose that in this invention various tasks of the host devices can be controlled by the earphone on movement of the speaker of earphone, on touching the speaker of the earphone by finger, on plugging the speaker of the earphone in the ears, on plugging out the speaker of the earphone in the ears. Using this technique Authors have implemented that a smart earphone system can be used to make the earphone from task oriented to multitasking by different gestures of the user.

Keywords: Android app, ATMEGA 8, Capacitive touch Sensor, Microcontroller, Smart phone

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