An index of capability for bivariate zero-inflated processes

  • Surajit Pal
  • Susanta Kumar Gauri
Keywords: Process capability index; Bivariate zero-inflated process; Proportion of zero defect units; Bivariate zero-inflated Poisson process.


Rapid technological advancement and implementation of automation and computerization in today's manufacturing set up resulted in many high quality processes, where defects are rarely observed. There are many high quality manufacturing processes where two or more types of defects may be generated from different types of equipment/process problems. The zeroinflated defects data containing two types of defects are commonly modeled by bivariate zero-inflated (BZI) Poisson distribution. Pal and Gauri (2022a) proposed a methodology for measuring capability of a BZI Poisson process. However, they ignored the count of zero defect (ZD) products produced in a BZI process. Because of that, Pal and Gauri (2022a) proposed approach fails to discriminate the BZI processes which produces different proportions of ZD units but having almost the same proportion of nonconforming items with respect to the USL of combined number of defects or USLs of individual defect types. In this paper, a new measure of process capability for BZI processes is proposed that can truly discriminate different BZI processes taking into account the USL of combined number of defects (or USLs of individual defect types) as well as the proportion of ZD units produced in these processes. The proposed methodology is illustrated using two case studies. The results of the case studies show that the proposed index well represents the true capability of BZI processes.


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eISSN: 2141-2839
print ISSN: 2141-2820