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Enhancing entrepreneurial skills in foods and nutrition through creativity and critical thinking among tertiary institution students in Lagos State, Nigeria

Atinuke Titilola Lano–Maduagu


The research focused on how university students in Lagos State may improve their entrepreneurship abilities through creativity and critical thinking. Survey research design was used. The study's population was 114, which included 14 Home Economics teachers teaching Food and Nutrition courses, 40 Senior Staff of Nigeria's Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency, and 60 Home Economics students. There was no sampling since the population was small. For data gathering, a questionnaire was employed. The data were examined using mean and standard deviation. Findings revealed that in-service training for lecturers, proper integration of practical with theory in teaching foods and nutrition, and curriculum review in foods and nutrition programs to instil entrepreneurial skills that will meet the needs of students, among others. The difficulties in acquiring entrepreneurial skills via creative and critical learning included the fact that most higher institutions do not have foods and nutrition laboratories, and there are few vocational foods and nutrition specialists. Findings also revealed that arousing attention and retention among university students by presenting learning objectives through qualified lecturers, facilitating students' awareness of the expected learning outcomes, and providing learners feedback on exercises and activities carried out in the food laboratories are ways of reducing challenges to enhancing entrepreneurial skills through creativity and critical thinking. The recommendation includes that there should be regular training and re-training programs for Food and Nutrition teachers in the form of seminars and workshops.

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