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Tobacco Induced Priapism in Wister Rat: A Case Report

CI Ugbor, CCV Eloka, LO Okonkwo, MC Ugwu, LA Ogbodo


In an eight-week study on the effect of potash-tobacco dust ingestion on rats, a persistent penile erection for days was observed amongst some of the rats under study. This study involved a total of 42 Wister rats of weights ranging
between 150-300g and grouped into four groups (A, B, C and D). Group A served as control, while groups B – D
served as test groups and received 2g, 4g, and 6g of tobacco-dust, as well as 0.4g, 0.8g, and 1.2g of potash respectively, with water given ad libitum. By the 4th week, a persistent penile erection was observed in one of the rats in group C, and by the 6th week, a similar incident occurred in group C and D respectively, prompting serial observation. By the 8 week, gangrenous changes were observed, followed by necrosis and death of the rats on the 10th day from onset. The control rats (group A), which received normal feed and water, remained normal.

Keywords: Priapism, Rat, Tobacco, Potash, Penile erection

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