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The effect of steroidal contraceptives on liver enzymes and serum proteins in white albino rats

P Iyomon
E Nwangwa
O.E. Edebiri


This study assessed the influence of steroidal contraceptives on liver enzymes and serum total protein using 48 adult female rats in four groups -A as control and B, C and D as tests. The animals were further divided into two subgroups - treatment (A1 - D1; n=6 each) and reversal (A2 - D2; n=6 each). Groups A1&A2 received normal feed and water only, while B1&B2, C1&C2 and D1&D2, respectively received 0.03mg/kg of Norethisterone enantate intramuscularly once in 6 days for 3 estrous cycles; 0.03mg/kg of Lynesternol daily for 6 days and repeatedly for 3 estrous cycles; and a combination of 0.03mg/kg of Ethinylestradiol and 0.03mg of Levonorgestrel daily for 6 days and repeatedly for 3 estrous cycles. At the end of the treatment phase, blood samples were collected from groups A1 - D1 for laboratory analysis, while the treatments for groups B2 - D2, were suspended and monitored for same period (reversal phase) prior to blood sample collection and analysis. The results affirmed that steroidal contraceptives had capacity to induce significant elevation and reduction in levels of liver enzymes and serum total protein respectively; hence the call for caution to avoid unwarranted complications.

Keywords: Liver enzymes, Serum, Steroidal Contraceptives, Total protein

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eISSN: 2384-6836
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