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Pharmacy Students Perception of the Application of Learning Management System in Patient-oriented Pharmacy Education: University of Benin Experience

PO Erah, EA Dairo


Objective: To evaluate pharmacy students’ perception of the
application of learning management system (LMS) in their
education in a Doctor of Pharmacy program in Benin City.
Method: In a special ICT class, 165 pharmacy students were
introduced to LMS using an open source program, DoceboÓ
after which a questionnaire with core questions in five domains,
namely, sociodemographic data, access to computer and
internet, problems in applying ICT facilities, perception of elearning and LMS was administered. Students’ responses to
the questionnaire were analysed.
Results: Although most students (84%) had access to internet,
only 16.1% owned computers and majority (82.1%) use
cybercafés for internet access. Frequent electric power failure,
inadequate computer facilities, skilled personnel, and slow
internet speed were identified by 64.8–82.5% of the students
as problems in using computer facilities in the University. While
willingness to pay was not considered a problem, 80.4% of the
students were only willing to pay not more than US$ 7.96 per
semester for internet access. Over 92% of them felt that LMS
will make teaching and learning more exciting and effective
when combined with the traditional teaching approach.
Conclusion: The use of LMS will improve the teaching and
learning of pharmacy students.

Keywords: LMS, e-Learning, pharmacy students, ICT, teaching and learning
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