Phishing the cyberspace: a taxonomic review of a decade-long cyber-pandemic

  • A.A Orunsolu
  • A.S Sodiya
  • M.A Alaran
  • S.O. Kareem
  • G.B Oladimeji
Keywords: Anti-Phishing; Coronvavirus; Identity Theft; Online scams; Phishing


Phishing attacks is one of the severest cyber-attacks in which both experienced and naYve online users experienced every time It is one attack that open doors for other attacks such as ransomware where critical online assets can come under serious threats. To mitigate the adverse effects of phishing, various countermeasures have been provided by security communities and research institutions. How-ever, the situation has led to an arms race between the phishers and the security solutions thereby necessitating a constant review of existing solutions in the face of newer attack. In this paper, a review of different anti-phishing solutions is dis-cussed from different taxonomy of anti-phishing solutions. The review also provides for open issues that need attention from security communities to reduce the vulnerable gap available for phishers to exploit in current solutions.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2636-6134