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New insights into the processes of biological evolution and human reproduction provided through a dialogue between science and Qur’an

Hassen Chaabani


In this paper I present new insights into the processes of biological evolution and human reproduction in the light of a dialogue between the current scientific knowledge and Qur‟an verses. I demonstrate how this dialogue could provide new complementary information and a more comprehensive state of each of these two processes. After clearing up some confusions and uncertainties related to the biological evolution process I propose a new vision for this process considering that the Creator (Allah) of the entire Universe had organized and supervised the emergence of living beings depending on a wonderful evolutionary plan. As this vision is hopefully in agreement with my interpretations of related Qur‟an verses, I concretize it from them. One of scientific paintings deduced from these verses shows how our humankind emerged at the top of a complex network of evolutionary stages evolved from the earth like the emergence of the upper part of the top of a tree. To the second biological process „Human Reproduction‟ Allah gives a more accurate designation „Human Picturing Creation‟ insisting on the fact that the major acts of this process do not happen randomly but under His supervision. Moreover Allah given to the major elements of this process, wonderful designations including some unnoticed details through superb rhetoric formats peculiar to Qur‟an. At the end of this paper I point out that my interpretations of Qur‟an verses, based on new rigorous methodology, are generally different from the existing ones showing how the latter include errors and distortions making them incompatible with science. More bad consequences, such as terrorism, have been the result of erroneous interpretations of some verses on socio-political issues. To solve this problem of erroneous interpretations and related false considerations that have accumulated through the ages and were merged into cultures of Muslim societies, I call for a “First International Real Renewal of Islam”

Key words: Qur‟an interpretation, Biological evolution, Supernatural Creator, Limits of science, Human reproduction, Picturing creation, Human gametes, Human zygote, Human embryogenesis, Real Renewal of Islam.