Pattern of microbial isolates and microbial sensitivity among HIV positive pregnant women with asymptomatic bacteriuria in Zaria, Nigeria

  • S Pam
  • SO Shittu
  • AT Olayinka
  • SE Adaji
  • J Ejembi
Keywords: HIV, Asymptomatic bacteriuria, Microbial isolates, mid-stream urine, immunosuppression


Background: Asymptomatic bacteruria in pregnancy is a common condition affecting pregnant women because of both anatomical and physiological changes in pregnancy. This condition appears to be commoner in people living with HIV because of the added immunosuppression caused by the virus. Aim: The study was to identify the pattern of microbial isolates and microbial sensitivity among HIV positive pregnant women with asymptomatic bacteriuria in Zaria, Nigeria. Methods: This was a prospective cross sectional study among symptom-free HIV positive pregnant women attending the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) antenatal clinic in Zaria, Nigeria between 1st March and 31st August 2011. A structured, closeended questionnaire was administered and mid-stream urine samples were obtained and processed within 2 hours of collection in the laboratory. Results: A total of 220 consenting, asymptomatic, HIV positive pregnant women were screened for bacteriuria out of the 240 eligible women who were approached to participate in the study. Sixteen (16) women were positive for significant bacteriuria, giving a prevalence of 7.3%. A total of six (6) different isolates were isolated with Staphylococcus aureus (8) making 50%, E. coli (4) 18.8%, Klebsiella spp (2) 12.5%, Streptococcus spp (2) 12.5% and Proteus spp (1) 6.2%. All the isolated organisms were sensitive to gentamycin, cefuroxime, ceftazidime, ciprofloxacin and nitrofurantoin. Conclusion: This study found Staphylococcus aureus as the most common organism isolated in the urine of asymptomatic patients with HIV infection in pregnancy. The isolated organisms were sensitive to gentamycin, cefuroxime, ceftazidime, ciprofloxaxin and nitrofurantoin.


Key words: HIV, Asymptomatic bacteriuria, Microbial isolates, mid-stream urine, immunosuppression


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