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A.U Emelonye
T Pitkäaho
A Aregbesola
K Vehviläinen-Julkunen


Background: Evidence from a nursing conference convened in Nigeria in 1973 amongst other things implied that Nigerian nurses are not adequately educated and ill-equipped with prerequisite research skills. Four decades after the first and only initiative that examined the capacity and contribution of Nigerian Nurses to health care research, it is therefore pertinent to revisit the state of nursing research in the country.

Aim: To review the academic and research preparedness of Nigerian nurses in conducting research and utilizing research results in healthcare practices.

Methods: Literature review of seven published articles on nursing education and research in Nigeria, identified through online data bases; Google Scholar, CINAHL and PubMed. Findings: The findings revealed that majority of nurses in Nigeria had only diploma degree in nursing education. Also, nurses’ involvement and utilization of research was limited and poor even though nursing research was perceived as very important in nursing practice by majority of the nurses.

Conclusion: Most nurses are not academically equipped with research skills in Nigeria due to minimal educational qualifications not sufficient for conducting nursing research. There is a compelling need to reassess nursing education and research policies in Nigeria.

Key words: Nurses, nursing education, nursing practices, nursing research, research utilization, research skill

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