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Congenital epulis: a report of two cases and review of the literature

O.O. Omisakin
SA Kache
S.O Ajike


Background: Congenital epulis of the newborn is a rare benign soft-tissue tumour of the gingival, which is also called gingival granular cell tumour of the newborn. These slow growing soft tissue tumors affect the gingivae of a new born child. It is essential to document the presentation and the management of this lesion because of its rare nature.

Aim: To highlight the clinical presentation, diagnosis and management of the lesion.

Methods: Two clinical cases of congenital epulis were used to illustrate the presentation and surgical management of the lesion.

Findings: The first clinical case is a one month old female child with a protruding gum tumour on the anterior alveolar process of the mandible. The second case is a one week old male child with a gingival growth on the anterior alveolar process of the mandible. All the tumours were surgically excised under local anaesthesia.

Conclusion: Congenital epulis could interfere with the functions of the oral cavity. Therefore, it is imperative to surgically excise it when diagnosed. Following the management of the two cases presented, it is essential that the mouth of all newborns must be examined to rule out any such lesion.

Key words: Congenital epulis, gingival, tumour, alveolar process, neonate, surgical excision

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