Attitude of primigravidas to pregnancy: a comparison between the younger and older age groups

  • FA Abou-Romia
  • AM El-Refaey
  • MN EL-Gharib
Keywords: Primigravidas, pregnancy, complication, age


Background: The socioeconomic changes together with the recent developments in assisted reproduction technology resulted in an increasingly age of marriage and age of first pregnancy. Aim: Toidentify the demographic characteristics, health concerns and behaviours of elderly primigravidas in comparison with their younger counterparts. Materials and Methods: Fifty primigravidas ≥ 35 years old and one hundred primigravidas < 35 years were surveyed using a structured questionnaire related to their demographic characteristics and pregnancy complications. Cases were collected from both Kohafa and Sigar MCH centres in Tanta city. Results: Elderly Primigravidas were found to have higher educational levels, occupational career and socioeconomic level when compared with younger age Primigravidas. In addition, elderly Primigravidas were found to be at a significant higher risk of developing miscarriage, pregnancy-related complications, foetal Down’s syndrome, foetal structural defect, baby’s health hazards at birth and demands of physical neonatal care. Elderly Primigravidas also had significantly positive behaviours when compared with younger age primigravidas. Conclusion: The present study showed that socio-demographic pattern influences the attitudes of primigravidas to pregnancy. Keywords: Primigravidas, pregnancy, complication, age

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eISSN: 2315-5019
print ISSN: 2277-0941