The four new species of Myxomycetes of South-East Maharashtra, India

  • RR Tembhurne
  • SP Nanir
  • SP Nanir
  • S Nasarin
  • S Nasarin
Keywords: Myxomycetes, slime moulds, tumour, India


Background: Myxomycetes are the true slime-moulds. They are mostly used in the management of breast and brain tumours. Aim: This is the floristic study of South-East Maharashtra (India) comprising four district, Solapur, Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur districts, very rich in biodiversity to analyse flora from this said area. Methods: Present study is a floristic exploration from the region, to collect maximum number of sample of myxomycetes, to visit different locality for collection of species of myxomycetes, and preservation in empty box which very suitable, convenient and easy to handle to prepare proper size tray. Result: Species of myxomycetes were identified and described. Lepidodermopsis Hohnel., with two species, Lepidodermopsis leonina (Berk. & Br.) Hohnel, characterized by limeless and fluted stipe; Lepidodermopsis martinii Lakhanpal characterized by scattered nature of fruiting. Physarina Hoehn., with a single species, Physarina echinospora Thind & Manocha fructification sporangiate, stipitate to subsessile, and Comatricha Preuss., with a single species, Comatricha aequalis Peck which lacks nodding sporangia. Conclusion: All species are being reported for the first time in this region. Further exploration should be done to identify species in various locations. This will contribute to the management of cancers. Keywords: Myxomycetes , slime moulds, tumour, India

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