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Gender Determination using Fingertip Features

J-F Wang, C-L Lin, Y-H Chang, ML Nagurka, C-W Yen, C Yeh


Several previous studies have investigated the gender difference of the fingerprint features. However, regarding to the statistical significance of such differences, inconsistent results have been obtained. To resolve this problem and to develop a method for gender determination, this work proposes and tests three fingertip features for gender determination. Fingerprints were obtained from 115 normal healthy adults comprised of 57 male and 58 female volunteers. All persons were born in Taiwan and were of Han nationality. The age range was18-35 years. The features of this study are ridge count, ridge density, and finger size, all three of which can easily be determined by counting and calculation. Experimental results show that the tested ridge density features alone are not very effective for gender determination. However, the proposed ridge count and finger size features of left little fingers are useful, achieving a classification accuracy of 75% (P-value<0.001) and 79% (P-value<0.001), respectively. The best classification result of 86% accuracy is obtained by using ridge count and finger size features together. This paper closes with a discussion of possible future research directions.

Keywords: Gender determination; Fingerprint; Dermatoglyphic; Sex determination

Internet Journal of Medical Update Vol. 3 (2) 2008: pp. 22-28
AJOL African Journals Online