Uterine roundness index: model formulation and nomogram for a Nigerian population

  • CC Ohagwu
  • AC Ugwu
  • FU Idigo


This study was aimed to establish a nomogram for uterine roundness index (UTRI) for a Nigerian population. Seven hundred Nigerian girls and women in the premenarche, nulliparous, multiparous and postmenopausal groups with normal uteri were evaluated by pelvic ultrasound. The length, anteroposterior and transverse diameters of the uterus were measured and the UTRI calculated as the ratio of anteroposterior diameter to the length. The age, height, and parity of the subject were recorded. The mean UTRI +SD were 0.44457+0.0629 for premenarche, 0.5880+0.1118 for nulliparous, 0.6005+0.1046 for multiparous and 0.5269+0.1037 for postmenopausal. Pearson\'s correlation analysis showed significant correlation between UTRI and age, height and weight in premenarche group and weight in the nulliparous, multiparous and postmenopausal groups (p< 0.05). Significant negative correlation between UTRI and age occurred only in the postmenopausal group (p< 0.05). The study has established a nomogram for UTRI in a Nigeria population which will be of gynaecological importance to sonographers and referring clinicians in assessing the normality of uterine shapes and contour.

Keywords: Uterine roundness index; Uterus; Ultrasound; Nigerian women; Nomogram

Internet Journal of Medical Update Vol. 4 (1) 2009: pp. 25-28

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eISSN: 1694-0423