Long-standing unreduced anterior dislocation of the knee - a case report

  • NK Karn
  • GP Khanal
  • MP Singh


A case of long standing unreduced anterior dislocation of the knee for 2 months has been reported which was treated first with open reduction and external fixation at 70° flexion of knee followed by gradual extension of knee. Once full extension was achieved, the cylindrical cast was applied for 3 months. The final range of movement of knee at one year follow up was 5-70º along with painless weight bearing. To conclude, this conservative treatment could be one of the valuable option for the patients who can not undergo major surgery because of genreral health problem, or unable to afford for the surgery especially in developing countries, or not willing for arthrodesis.

KEY WORDS: Knee joint; Dislocation; Conservative treatment


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eISSN: 1694-0423