Gender differences in psychological adjustment among spinal cord injured patients

  • R Noor
  • S Gul


In the present study gender differences in psychological adjustment of Spinal Cord Injured (SCI) patients was studied. The sample of 70 SCI patients (35 male and 35 female) was selected from the National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (NIRM) Islamabad, Bagh and Muzafrabad, (Azad & Jammu Kashmir AJK). Purposive sampling technique was used for data collection. Psychological Adjustment Scale PAS was used. This questionnaire was found to be reliable (Cornbach's Alpha = .78). The findings indicated that there was significant gender difference in psychological adjustments as male SCI patients were more adjusted than female SCI patients.

Keywords: Rehabilitation Medicine; Gender differences; Psychological adjustment; Spinal cord Injured patients


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1694-0423