Effects of population density on agricultural land use and productivity in the Nsukka agricultural zone of Enugu State, Nigeria

  • C Nzeh
  • C Uba
  • J Orebiyi
  • S Omeye


This study examined agricultural land use and productivity with particular reference to its effects on population density in the Nsukka Agricultural Zone of Enugu State, Nigeria. The study involved distribution of  questionnaires to 96 respondents, with only 60 being valid. Majority of the
respondents had farms of between one and two hectares in size. Most of the respondents left their lands fallow for periods not more than two years. Cassava was the crop with the highest mean yield, with 26.4 mean point among the selected crops. The regression results of income (Cr), land
use intensity (Lu), quantity of fertilizer used (Qf), level of education (Ed) and farming experience (Fs) were statistically significant at 5% level in explaining the observed variability in the dependent variable (Y) based on semi-logarithm model. From the study, we recommend the provision of
modern inputs like tractors, fertilizers, pesticides and among others necessary for adequate agricultural production without any form of restrictions.

Keywords: Land-use, population density, farming system, crop yield, cassava


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eISSN: 1597-913X