Functional properties of processed pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) flour

  • A Okereke


Pigeon pea seeds (Cajanus Cajan) were carefully selected cleaned and divided into two lots for flour production. One portion was germinated following soaking in water for 36 hours, with water change every 6 hours, at a ratio of 1:10 including an hour air rest before re-soaking. The seeds were germinated to obtain root length of 5 cm. the functional properties of the flours were determined. Germination increased water absorption capacity, bulk density, oil absorption capacity, foaming capacity, foaming stability, emulsion activity, nitrogen solubility and decreased gelatin and wetability of the pigeon pea flour. Germinated pigeon pea flour has great potentials in food prperations that require hydration to improve handling characteristics.

Keywords: Pigeon pea, flour production, food, germinated


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eISSN: 1597-913X