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A study of the length – weight relationship and condition factor of <i>Pseudotolithus elongatus</i> (Browdich, 1825) from Bonny Estuary Niger Delta, Nigeria

J Abowei
C Tawari
S Deekae
N Amakiri


The length–weight relationship and condition factor of Pseudotolithus elongatus from Bonny estuary was studied for a period of twelve months. A total of one thousand seven hundred and twenty five (1725) fish specimens were used. The initial growth constant (a) was 0.0047 (combined), 0.0047 (males) and 0.048 (females). The length exponent values (b) were 3.1675 (combined), 3.1566 (males) and 3.1569 (females). The correlation growth coefficient values (r2) were 0.84 (combined), 0.81 (males) and 0.84 (females). Values for the mean condition factor ranged from 0.76±1.87 (June) to 0.88±.1.1145 (March). Pseudotolithus elongatus exhibited an allometric growth. There was a positive correlation between length and weight of both sexes. P. elongatus was also in a good condition.

Keywords: Fish, length–weight relationship, condition factor, Bonny estuary, Nigeria


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eISSN: 1597-913X