Effect of slurry mixture variation on the quality of biogas produced from chicken droppings

  • GA Fumen
  • CG Okoli
  • ZD Osunde


This paper reports the effect of slurry mixture variations on the quality of biogas produced from chicken droppings. Chicken droppings were anaerobically digested to generate biogas as a sustainable alternative energy source for rural household energy requirements, in place of firewood. Samples of the chicken dropping (SS1, SS2 and SS3) were digested and biogas samples (GSS1, GSS2, and GSS3) collected. Combustion tests of the biogas samples confirmed combustibility of GSS2 and GSS3, indicating that methane (CH4) content of biogas was above 50% in the two samples. For GSS, there was no combustion, indicating low methane content of less than 50%. Adoption and promotion of biogas production and use will minimize the rate of firewood utilization by rural families thereby reducing deforestation rate and its environmental impacts.

Keywords: Chicken droppings, biogas, methane, firewood, alternative energy


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eISSN: 1597-913X