Religion, peace and security in Nigeria

  • Jacob Olasupo Osaji
Keywords: Religion, Peace, Security, Maintenance, Governance


Religion is central to the spiritual upliftment of man; it unites man if its tenets are kept, teaches men to live at peace with one another and to shun greed and corruption. Nigeria has a lot of resources that can boost the economy and improve the living conditions of the people, yet many go about without shelter, while many are dying of hunger and poverty. Travelling in Nigeria is fraught with danger and uncertainties. Even at home, life is not safe because armed robbers, assassins, Boko Haram and murderers can strike at any time of the day. Peace is becoming elusive and is a mirage. The situation cannot change for the better unless the political leaders, men and women, saddled with the leadership of the country have regard and fear of God and thus embrace religion as a fundamental factor for good governance and national security. This paper looks at the security which religion provides the individual, society and to the nation at large. The researcher makes use of historical and analytical methods of research for effective achievement of his goal. Religion‟s involvement in politics will bring political security and blessings of God, since no nation could survive without God and His laws. Religion has a powerful influence on the activities of members of the society, whether they are Christians, Muslims or African Religion‟s worshippers. Religion regulates the conduct and behavior of people in the community and preaches vital virtues needed in the society. After his findings, he suggested some recommendations for a way forward.

Keywords: Religion, Peace, Security, Maintenance, Governance


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