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Effect of Nicotine on Audio and Visual Reaction Time in Dipping Tobacco Users

G Mohesh, MI Sundaramurthy


Dipping tobacco is a form of smokeless tobacco. Smokeless tobacco usage in the Indian subcontinent has increased markedly than that of the smoking tobacco users. Global adult tobacco survey conducted in 2009-10 by WHO reported this emerging population of smokeless tobacco users in India. Nicotine through blood is harmful and as there are fewer studies in  India with respect to nicotines influence on reaction time especially in the smokeless tobacco users we studied this. Reaction time is a measure of the sensorimotor integration in a person. We used a PC 1000 Hz reaction timer to record the audio and visual reaction time. A significant decrease in the reaction time was recorded with the dipping tobacco users which may be due to an acceleration in the reaction to the various stimuli. This may be suspected due to the release of catecholamines in the brain. This would affect the nervous system of dipping tobacco users to have serious problems in the near future.

Keywords: Dipping tobacco, audio reaction time, visual reaction time, nicotine

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