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Infancy of internet cafe: The substitute of <i>ubuntu-padare</i> pedagogy

Ronald Manhibi
Kudzayi Savious Tarisayi


The existence of ubuntu in contemporary African communities often sparks debate among academics. This article sought to interrogate the essence of the genesis and evolution of the internet concept in Masvingo town with reference to enhancing some values of ubuntu. The research traces the role played by an internet café in Masvingo and explains this role as a microcosm of the ubuntu phenomenon. The research employed an Afrocentric theoretical ideology as put forward by Asante, Pollard, Ajirotutu and Mkabela among others. The lived experiences of the researchers were utilized to aptly reveal that daily interactions, sharing of hardware and software, incubation of business ideas, academic and professional development ideas in an internet café were part of ubuntu. Thus, the article concludes that interactions and aspects of the internet café usually taken for granted are in reality manifestations of ubuntu.

Keywords: Ubuntu, internet café, Afrocentrism, FoldGreenISP, Masvingo, Zimbabwe.