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Empirical study on consumer preference for beverage in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

MO Adewumi, OE Ayinde, OO Ajewole, OM Oladejo


The present study on consumer preference of beverage was carried out in Ilorin Metropolis. Kwara State, with the use of a well-structured questionnaire. The analytical techniques employed in this study include; descriptive statistics, the Likert scale, the least significant difference (LSD), and the AIDS Model. The result of the Likert scale established that
reasonable price, aroma, taste and flavor are the qualities that the consumers prefer the most. The result of the AIDS model showed that the family size had positive and significant effect on the share of cocoa but it had no effect on tea and coffee. The educational status of the respondents also had a positive and significant effect on coffee but no effect on tea and cocoa products. The Marshallian own price and cross elasticities showed that the beverage under
study were elastic and sensitive to changes in their own prices.

Keyword: Consumer Preference, Beverage, AIDS model.
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