Effect of Storage on the Shelf life of Dehydrated Fermented Locust Beans

  • FF Ilesanmi
  • KA Arowora
  • OS Ilesanmi
  • AA Agboola
  • MO Oyelakin
  • OA Akinloye
  • AR Olagbaju


Fermented locust bean is used as a flavour intensifier for soups and stews. As beneficent as it is, problems still exist about its preservation using appropriate and affordable technology. Little is known about the shelf life of dehydrated fermented locust beans. This study aimed to investigate
the effect of polythene packaging on storability and quality characteristics of dried fermented locust beans.
The seeds were fermented, dried, and packaged in polythene bags for a period of six months. Pattern of changes of chosen quality parameters such as protein, crude fat, free fatty acids, aflatoxin, moisture, weight changes were monitored. Also, sensory evaluation of the freshly
fermented locust beans seeds and stored dehydrated fermented locust beans seeds were compared at the end the storage period. There was no significant difference observed in the moisture, crude protein, crude fat and weight (P>0.05), free fatty acids was significantly different
(P<0.05) in stored locust beans compared to the fresh locust bean. The aflatoxin contamination was below 2 ppb throughout the storage periods. There was significant difference (p < 0.05) in the texture, colour, taste while changes in the flavour and overall acceptability were not significant (P
> 0.05) when the sensory evaluation of fresh locust beans was compared to the stored locust beans. The results revealed that drying and packaging can promote acceptability and extend the shelf-life of fermented locust beans.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-5511