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Effect of Edible Coatings from <i>Aloe vera</i> gel on Citrus sinensis during Ambient storage

CO Adetunji
AB Fawole
JK Oloke
JB Adetunji
OR Makanjoula


Extension of the shelf life of orange fruits continues to be a challenge in Nigeria. The search for safe, healthy and environmental friendly treatments has led to increased interest in research into edible and biodegradable films and coatings. In this work, the use of Aloe vera gel as a coating to extend the shelf-life of orange fruits was investigated. The oranges were stored at ambient temperature (27+2oC) and at 50-60% relative humidity for five weeks. During ambient storage, uncoated fruits showed 43.11% and 60.63 % increases in total soluble solids and reducing sugar contents respectively. Rapid weight loss and loss of firmness were also observed. The above parameters which are related to post- harvest quality loss were however significantly controlled in the oranges coated with A. vera gel. Percent increase in total soluble solids 56.89% and reducing
sugar contents 39.36% were observed. The storability of orange fruits was  extended by five weeks. It was concluded that A. vera gel used as a coating for orange could serve as an alternative to post-harvest chemical treatments.