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Impact Assessment and Bioremediation of oil Contaminated Soil: A Case Study of Koko and Ajoki Communities, Niger Delta Nigeria

OI Imasuen, DT Galasi, OM Omorogieva


The research was conducted in two notable oil producing communities in
Niger Delta, South – South geopolitical zones of Nigeria with aim of assessing the impact and recommending a remediation technique for reclaiming the land for agricultural industrial, and residential purposes. The communities are; Ajoki Community in Ikpoba – Okha Local Government Area of Edo State and Koko Community in Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State; both communities are located on 05 25 E 0 ¢¢ and 6 05 N 0 ¢ ¢ . Eleven (11) soil samples were collected in and around the oil
producing communities, five from each community and one from Ugbowo Community in Benin City as a control site. The soils were first tested to ascertain the level of contamination before the experimental procedure began. The physiochemical parameters were determined using standard chemical methods of soil determination while remediation process was descriptive using denitrifying bacteria for 27 days at 7 days intervals. The results obtained were subjected to statistical treatment using micro soft
excel format, the results were presented in tables and in graphs for easy understanding and explanation. The geochemical results show that the pollution was mild while the remediation method adopted yielded a positive result which, however, reduced the soil organic content, total nitrogen, nitrate and phosphorus. © JASEM
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