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Histopathological changes in the Brain Tissue of Africa Catfish exposure to Glyphosate Herbicide

N O Erhunmwunse
S A Ekaye
M O Ainerua
E E Ewere


One hundred and twenty normal post juvenile catfish (Clarias gariepinus) of both sexes with a mean weight of 135.44±1.99 g and mean length of 28.32±0.844 cm were purchased from Osayi farm. They were kept in 60 l aquaria at 27.5±0.4 ◦C, pH 7.3, with 12:12 h photoperiod, well aerated, provided with external filtration and a layer of gravel on the bottom. Histopathological alteration in the brain tissues when the fish were exposed to various concentrations (18 mg/L, 32mg/L and 75 mg/L) of glyphosate for a period of 7 – 28 days revealed that glyphosate hervicide may be neurotozic to post juvenile African catfish C. gariepinus as characterized by severe degeneration of dark-stained purkinje neurons, oedema, vacuolar changes with empty spaces which appeared as moth eaten area and showed proliferation of glial cells. There is need for more research work on the histopathology of brain tissue of fish exposed to pesticide.

Keywords: Histopathology; glyphosate herbicide; Clarias gariepinus

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eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362