Bio-Diesel Production from Oil of Orange (Citrus Sinensis) Peels as Feedstock

  • OS Bull
  • CC Obunwo


Although, in Nigeria orange peels are considered as a waste, this study is intended to convert the waste into wealth by establishing the production of biodiesel with oil obtained from orange peels; using transeterification process. Oil from sun-dried/ ground orange peels were extractedusing n-hexane. Transesterification process was done at a temperature range of 80 - 83 °C with oil to ethanol mole ratio of 1:3 respectively and sodium hydroxide as catalyst. The parameters analyzed included: Viscosity, Density and the concentrations of K, Na, Ca, Mg and P.The viscosity and density of the biodiesel obtained were 2.1 stand 825 kg/m3 respectively. The mean concentrations of K, Na, Ca, Mg and P in the biodiesel were 4 ppm, 7 ppm, 3 ppm, 3 ppm and 8 ppm respectively. These results are in close agreement with ASTM standards requirement for biodiesel. The glycerol was recycled trice before it finally lost potent.It is thus apparent that the locally-sourced feedstock (orange peels) would be a good source for the production of biodiesel. @JASEM

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eISSN: 2659-1502
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