Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management

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Performance Modelling of Steam Turbine Performance using Fuzzy Logic Membership Functions

GO Aravie, JO Oyekale, E Emagbetere


A Fuzzy Inference System for predicting the performance of steam turbine
based on Rankine cycle is developed using a 144-rule based in analyzing the generated data for different inlet and outlet conditions. The result of efficiency for different types of membership functions and defuzzification method was obtained. Centroid method of defuzzification gave good results irrespective of the type of membership function with error less than 5%. However, other defuzzification methods gave good result for some types of membership functions. Result of different input data tested do not vary significantly (P<<0.05). It can therefore be concluded that Fuzzy logic can be used to effectively predict performance of a steam turbine. ©JASEM
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