Physiochemical characteristic of Harvested Rain water from Bodo Community in Rivers State, Nigeria

  • PE Ikhioya
  • I Osu Charles
  • GU Obuzor
Keywords: rainwater, roof materials, water quality


This study was carried out to determine the quality of rainwater from three different roofing materials (asbestos, aluminum and zinc) in Bodo Community of Rivers State, Nigeria. Samples were taken to the laboratory and analyzed using standard analytical procedures. The average result obtained ranged from 6.0-7.0, 40-66 μsi/cm, 18-48 mg/l, 32.52-86.67 mg/L, 0.06-3.18 mg/L, 5.02-13.76 mg/L, 2.79-5.02 mg/L, 0.16-0.77 mg/L, 0.27-5.79 mg/L, 0.24 0.62 mg/L and 0.03-4.08 mg/L for pH, conductivity, chloride, salinity, nitrate, sulphate, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc respectively. Of interest were rainwater samples from asbestos roofing sheets which gave high calcium and magnesium content. Also, zinc roofing sheet gave high zinc and iron content compared to other roofing sheets. Physico-chemical properties and metal content of the harvested water from the roofing sheets were considerably different from those of control samples (water collected directly from raindrop). This could mean that the impinging of rain drop on the roof gradually erodes the roof material or could be as a result of anthropogenic inputs (deposits of pollutants in contact with roofing sheet) or geographical location. Considering the result of the analysis the harvested water could be put to other domestic use, as they can not be consumed directly.

Keywords: rainwater, roof materials, water quality


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