Evaluating the radiological health compliance of some beach environments in Delta State

  • C.E. Mokobia
  • T Aniku
  • G Avwiri
Keywords: Radiation levels, Beaches, Radiological health compliance


Beaches constitute recreational and resort centres in the environment of which radiation is part. With respect to radiation protection practice, the International Radiation Protection bodies from time to time recommend certain exposure limits for different environments. In this study, a Raderlert 100 radiation meter was used to measure the gamma radiation levels in four beaches in Delta State, Nigeria. The purpose is to ascertain whether or not the radiation levels in these resort centres conform with international stipulations and consequently infer if their respective environments are radio logically health compliant such that personnel as well as specified members of the public (customers) are not at radiological risk. Results indicate a dose rate range of (0.010 – 0.015) mRh-1. These are generally higher than the 0.013 mRh-1 recommendation of ICRP. Results also indicate an Annual Effective Dose Equivalent AEDE range of (0.19 – 1.598) mSvy-1 which are higher than the recommended 1 mSvy-1 .Results further indicate an Excess Life Cancer Risk ECLR range of (0.64 – 1.74) x 10-3. These are higher than the 0.29 x10-3 world average. Thus it is concluded that the radiation levels in the environments of the studied beaches exceed international radiation regulatory stipulations.
Therefore, in this their present states, these environments are radio logically unhealthy for their respective workers and members of the public.

Keywords: Radiation levels; Beaches; Radiological health compliance


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