Distribution of phthalate esters in underground water from power transmission sites in Warri Metropolis, Delta State, Nigeria

  • O Edjere
  • I.G. Asibor
  • U Bassey
Keywords: Transmission stations, Phthalates acid esters, Underground water, GC-MS analysis


This study investigates the distribution of phthalateacid esters (PAEs) in groundwater from some power stations in Delta State. Groundwater samples were collected from eight power transmission and distribution stations. Concentrations (μg/L) of six phthalate acid esters compounds in the groundwater ranged from 0.000–2.547(DMP), 0.053–0.180(DEP), 0.100–0.443 (DBP), 0.400-0.660(DEHP) and 0.000-0.020 (DnOP), while BBP was not detected in all the locations. Lowest total PAEs concentration was recorded in Edjeba Station (0.994±0.040μg/L) while the highest concentration was recorded in Mofo Station (3.380±0.012μg/L). Analysis of variance showed significant difference in concentration of DMP (p<0.5) from the eight transmission stations. DMP, DEP and DBP concentration in groundwater were found to be at level that does not pose immediate threat. Despite this, it would be advisable to continue to monitor the presence of these substances in water. DEHP content was high in most samples from the different stations and this is of serious concern, because it has been proven to be carcinogenic. It is advised that most of the old dilapidated transformers and other electrical equipment containing organic contaminant such polychlorobiphenyl (PCB) which is a major contributor of phthalate acids into water bodiesbe replaced with new ones and concrete bundwall built round the transformers to prevent unwholesome seepages into the environment. There should also be appropriate storage, decontamination and disposal of contaminated units prior to final disposal. Decommissioned transformers and equipment containing PCB should be stored on a concrete pad with curbs sufficient to contain the liquid contents.

Keywords: Transmission stations, Phthalates acid esters, Underground water, GC-MS analysis


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