Determination of the growth rates of Spirolina and Cheatoceros algae in urban waste sewage and their capability to deplete nitrate and phosphate content in the sewage

  • F Lavajoo
  • M Taherizadeh
Keywords: Spirolina, Chaetoceros, Nitrate and phosphate, Chlorophyll a, Urban sewage, Depletion


The application of cyanobacterial and diatom cultures for the treatment of industrial effluents has been well recognized.In this study aimed to evaluate the effect of urban sewage on growth of Spirolina plantensis and Chaetoceros muelleri. The experiment was conducted in 6 treatments as a growth medium. Result showed that in treatment 5 maximum cell densities was (565×102±237.7) at day7 thus treatment 5 has best condition for growth S. plantensis and in treatment 3 maximum cell density was (825×104±92) at day13.Treatment 5 has best condition for growth C. muelleri. Total chlorophyll a, contents (μg/1) recorded in S. Plantensi sand C. muelleri was highest at treatment 3(0.21±0.07) and treatment 4(0.23± 0.10) respectively. In present investigation, both the algal species can be good potential to growth in urban sewage. The urban sewage removal efficiency of C. muelleri was higher as compare to S.plantensis which can be recommended for phytoremediation purpose.

Keywords: Spirolina; Chaetoceros;Nitrate and phosphate; Chlorophyll a;Urban sewage; Depletion


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eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362