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Evaluation of Demographic Variables and Socio-economic Status on the Prevalence of Health Hazards amongst Residents of Akure North Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria

Mary Eloh Modupe, Olusola Kindutire Isaac


This study evaluated the demographic variables and socio-economic status on the prevalence of health hazards amongst residents of Akure North Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria. The study was a descriptive research design of the survey type. The population for this study was estimated to be 131,587 residents. The sample consisted of 600 residents using stratified sampling technique. Pearson Product Moment Correlation and multiple regression analysis were used for the analysis and were tested at 0.05 level of significance. The findings on the disposal of solid wastes by the residents showed that there was a significant relationship between household solid wastes disposal and health hazards among residents of Akure North Local Government Area (r=-0.876, p<0.05). Also, all the demographic variables jointly influence the prevalence of health hazards, (F= 7.332, p<0.05) while socio economic status had no influence on the prevalence of health hazards among residents of Akure North Local Government. Therefore, there is the need to enhance environmental education programmes and public participation as it affects solid wastes management not only through the radio, television and print media but also through grassroots enlightenment campaigns via the chiefs and community leaders. Also, the women should be more empowered economically and be made to play an important role as it has been realized that women do a greater part of solid wastes handling and disposal in the community. 

Keywords: Waste, age, gender, socio-economic, health hazards, community.
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