Assessment of Aero-radiometric Data of Southern Anambra Basin for the Prospect of Radiogenic Heat Production

  • Olorunsola Kuforijimi
  • Christopher Aigbogun
Keywords: Aero-radiometric, Radiogenic Heat, Anambra Basin, Geothermal


High-resolution aero-radiometric data from three radio-elements (Uranium, Potassium and Thorium) were used and processed independently to investigate the Southern Anambra basin for the prospect of producing radiogenic heat. The rock types in the study area were outlined while processing the elements in each rock to evaluate the radiogenic heat production values. The results of the analysis of the radiogenic heat production of the study area ranges between 0.01 – 5.43 μWm-3. The highest heat produced came from the sedimentary rocks (Shale) with radiogenic heat production value up to 5.43 μWm-3. The highest value of the radiogenic heat production in this basin has a value of 5.43 μWm-3 around Aimeke and Ogobia. The airborne total radiometric count of radio-elements and radiogenic heat maps were produced.

Key Words: Aero-radiometric; Radiogenic Heat; Anambra Basin; Geothermal


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362