Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of the aqueous leaf extract of Dichrostachys cinerea

  • Okhuarobo Agbonlahor
  • Nwamaife Godswill
  • Raymond Ozolua
Keywords: Dichrostachys Cinerea, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, hot plate, dextran, carragenan, edema, pain


In this present study, the analgesic activity of the aqueous extract of the leaves of Dichrostachy cinerea was investigated in mice using acetic acid-induced writhing and hot plate test, while the anti-inflammatory activity was investigated in rats using the carrageenan and dextran- induced paw edema. The extract (400, 800mg/kg) exhibited a dose dependent inhibition of abdominal writhing in mice compared to control. The effects of the extract were not significantly different from that of aspirin. The extract (800mg/kg) caused a significant (p<0.01) increase in pain threshold, at 60th minute post treatment in the hot plate test and the effects of the extract were lower than that of morphine (4mg/kg). The extract (800mg/kg) and indomethacin (10mg/kg) at 1st hour and 2nd - 4th hour produced inhibitions of the carrageenan-induced paw oedema versus control. The results also showed that the extract (800mg/kg) produced inhibition of dextran- induced paw edema between 2nd hour and 4th hour compared to control. Overall, our data suggest that the extract possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, which may be mediated solely by peripheral mechanisms. 

Keywbords: Dichrostachys Cinerea; analgesic, anti-inflammatory, hot plate, dextran, carragenan, edema, pain


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eISSN: 2659-1502
print ISSN: 1119-8362